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Pracovná ponuka: Solutions Developer for Android

android praca pracovna ponuka solutions developer

Viete programovať pre platformu Android prípadne máte skúsenosti s programovaním Java aplikácií? Prečítajte si nasledovnú pracovnú ponuku – možno hľadáme práve vás!


Role Description
Android developer works on following tasks coordinated and supervised by a technical leader/head of
  • development of application and software components for Android mobile platform
  • integration of application services with Bank’s new or existing systems and devices
  • documentation, unit testing, troubleshooting and bug fixing of all software artefacts
  • packaging and deployment to Market Stores of Android Applications
Limited traveling to Client’s premises may be required.
Reports to
Head of department
Required Personal Characteristics
  • precise and structured programming and testing practices
  • strong commitment to reach commonly agreed objectives
  • ability to quickly learn and comprehend complex software solution
  • ability to solve problems and perform required tasks without repetitive assistance
  • clear and constructive communication style
  • willingness to grow professionally towards senior developer role
Required Knowledge and Technical Skills
At least 2-3 years of experience in object oriented software development, with experience on at least some of the following technologies or concepts:
  • Java for Android
  • MVC
  • Eclipse
Sufficient knowledge of English is advantage.
V prípade záujmu nás kontaktujte na emailovej adrese android(zavináč)

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